Giới thiệu

Hanoihub Co-working space là một trong những địa điểm xanh đầu tiên tại Hà Nội cung cấp dịch vụ, không gian học tập, làm việc cho:

– Sinh viên, học sinh, câu lạc bộ sinh viên

– Freelance – Người làm việc tự do

– Start-up: Nhóm sinh viên khởi nghiệp, các công ty khởi nghiệp chưa có điều kiện văn phòng cố định.

Hanoihub Co-working space là sự kết hợp của các mô hình: Văn phòng, Thư viện, Café. Tại đây, HanoiHub vừa có không gian làm việc yên tĩnh, vừa có không gian riêng để đọc sách và nhâm nhi ly café do chính tay bạn pha.

Our Services

Come to HanoiHub and enjoy all of our great services

Various working

Every detail is carefully considered to maximize the effectiveness of your workspace. Whether you are looking for desks in an energetic zone or a seat in a quiet corner, we have a personalized place for you.

High-speed wireless Internet

Never miss a moment connecting with your friends on social networks or your business partners.


We serves wide range of drinks and instant-meals, snacks. Take a break from your work, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and relax yourself.

Gallery of books, comics

Carefully handpicked wide ranges of books, magazines, comics are free for you to use. Enjoy some relax time, catch some fun with a comic book or boost your knowledge with business/language books, your choose it.

Private Meeting Room

You want some private space for presentation / discussion? Private Meeting Room with big screen and presentation stuff is ready to serve you.

Printer / Scanner / Copier

Ever need to print out your a CV, photocopy your assignment or scan an old photo? We understand your needs, and we make it reality. And even better, forget the wiring and plugging,  do it over-the-air.

Free Public Computers

Forgot your laptop at home and need to search some information? Feel free to use our 2 public Computers: 1 Windows-based and 1 iMac, choose the one that suites your need.

Relax Room

Take a break and relax yourself in Relax Room, where you can find huge collection of books, multiple comfy seats and some mini games. Never let stress get in your work!

Fresh Air / Smoking Area

Need some fresh air and area to smoke? The balcony which is well decorated and has great view is the right place for you.